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Engraving pen - battery powered

Engraving pen for home, and office use. Realy creative tool, it can be use almost with any material. The diamond head, and the letter template makes the engraving easy on textile, glass, wood, metal, plastic, ceramics, tile, carton etc. Make your things unique! The utilization is extremely comprehensive, the only limit is your imagination!

High speed
Easy handling
Engraving template with letters, and numbers
Ergonomic look
Confortable grip
Energy efficient battery

Power source: 2 x AA (included)
Max. RPM: 21000 rotate / minute
Weight (with battery): ~100 g
Chuck capacity: max. 3 mm
Engraving head quantity: 2 pcs
Size: 156 x 30 x 30 mm
Template size: 150 x 63 mm