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One-handed parallel clamp

Easy to use, one-handed clamping device. You can not leave it out of any carpenter or upholstery workshop, but it can also help with home-made carving. It has extra clamping force that allows stable workpiece fixing. The hardened steel frame has a high load bearing capacity, so tightening the lever can maximize the clamping force (or by reversing the jaws)tensioning force.

- Massive, strong structure
- Hardened steel frame
- Clamping and tensioning function
- Reversible tensioners
- Removable non-slip jaws
- Metal spring release lever
- Ergonomic handle

Clamping strength: 120 kg / 1200 N
Tensioning strength: 120 kg / 1200 N
Fixing depth: 80 mm
Opening size (when clamping): 0 - 310 mm (12")
Opening size (when tensioning): 175 - 485 mm
Jaw size: 45 x 35 mm
Total size: 485 x 220 x 35 mm
Material: Steel and plastic
Weight: 650 g
Color: Black and white