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Chalk reel set + paint refiller

Reel set and chalk mounted in a large plastic housing for comfortable handling. It is ideal for long distances up to 30 m. A metal hook helps with unhindered working and stretching. The reeling of the reel mechanism makes it easy to stretch the cord. The speed of rolling is ensured by a leveraged mechanism. The product is easily refillable with chalk powder after removing the bayonet cap. Suggested for use in : construction sites, renovations, carpentry work, before fixing covering strips.

- Leveraged reeling mechanism
- Big plastic casing
- Metal hook
- Rubber sealing to prevent chalk leaking
- Red paint powder

Important note! This product contains silica, inhaling may cause damage to health! Avoid inhaling! Keep away from children!

Wire length: 30 m
Casing material: ABS plastic
Weight: 133 g
Paint color: Red
Paint amount: 110 g