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11120L / M
Latex Gloves

Latex Gloves

Flexible, ambidextrous, disposable, sensitive and lightly powdered, hygienic latex gloves. These gloves are designed to protect the hands against short contacts from certain chemicals. Premium-quality, natural rubber latex provides excellent flexibility, water-proof and excellent mechanical strangth. Gloves contain rubber latex protein particles which are known to be a possible cause of allergies to sensitised people, hence may develop irritant and/or allergic contact reactions (can also cause anaphylaxis because of the natural latex ingredients).

Material: natural rubber latex
Lightly powdered inner layer
These gloves provide excellent flexibility and ease of finger movement to reduce hand fatigue
Compliant for contact with food, these gloves are ideal in food processing and hospitality as well as beauty and general industrial applications
Suggested application fields: industrial, food, printing, hospitality, beverage, cleaning, cosmetology
powdered with absorbable dusting powder, USP
excellent elasticity, anatomically shaped

Size: L / M
Content: 10 pcs / pack

EU Declaration of Conformity