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11135L / XL
Painting gloves

Painting gloves

The glove complies with the European directive 89/686/EEC and the harmonized MSZ EN 420 standard.

The protective gloves provides protection against wearing, cutting, tearing and stinging mechanical effects. Performance levels are only guaranteed on the palm area. Please read the instruction manual carefully for the safe and easy useage. The size of the glove should always be adjusted to the size of the user's palm. Only in this case the gloves will protect against mechanical damage and provide comfortable use. Wear gloves only on clean, dry hands. Only good condition, undamaged, dry protective gloves provide adequate protection. Note that work conditions may differ from your work safety compliance test. Do not use gloves if there is a risk that the moving parts of the machine will draw the hand. The glove does not provide unlimited protection to the hand.

Suitable for gardening and other works
Protective gloves are non-washable, chemically non-cleanable
12 pairs / pack

Material: Polyuterane
Size: L / XL
Color: White
Protection level: Complies to EN388 standard: 2132
Scratch resistance: 2
Resistance to cutting: 1
Prolonged resistance: 3
Resistance to piercing: 2