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About us

The HANDY is a professional tool and accessories brand, designed for the US market for the american workers. The simple use and high durability makes the HANDY brand such a "handy" product. The bright color (yellow earlier, UV orange later) makes the tools, accessories visible in any enviroment or in dark.

In the early stage the HANDY made professional crimping tools for modular connectors. To extend this range it has appeared on the market more and more useful stuffs such as tweezers, drills, lamps, measuring tapes, pliers, screwdrivers etc. Nowadays this range is very wide, and all kind of electromechanical find their own helper from the tweezers to the drills.

The toolboxes help to organize the smaller accessories and tools. 4 different kind of material describe the HANDY brand: aluminium, polyester, leather and plastic. The crimping pliers, screwdrivers and normal pliers, cable strippers have good quality, comfortable handle grip. In the range of tweezers everybody can find their special accessories from the watchmaker to the manicurist. These things just only a few features of the lot.

The HANDY always endeavour to make the best quality high performance product with designed outfit on low cost. We believe in that, the tools is not those things that the people buy every week, and usually they survive more generation. The lifetime and the low cost makes the HANDY really popular and reputed brand.

We hope we can welcome you to the pleased HANDY owners circle.